About AgilePerformance & Talent

Vision Statement

To embody the attributes of servant leadership, driving unparalleled transformative growth and excellence, forging growth and excellence where organizations, leaders, and teams not only thrive but dominate through groundbreaking Talent Development, Leader Training, and Talent Acquisition Solutions. Our unwavering commitment is to ignite organizational brilliance, cultivate cutting-edge teams, and consistently deliver the pinnacle of solutions, setting the standard in every facet of our industry

Mission Statement

At AgilePerformance & Talent, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge and tailored solutions that empower businesses, leaders, and teams to unlock their full potential. Through our innovative Talent Development, Leader Training, and Talent Acquisition programs, we inspire growth, foster resilience, and drive innovation. Our commitment is to shape a future defined by excellence, where organizations not only adapt to change but lead with purpose and ingenuity. By consistently exceeding expectations, we aim to be the trusted partner in driving success and cultivating exceptional talent in every corner of the business world.”

Leaders drive culture, but strong teams move organizations to success


Cedric O. White

CEO and Chairman

Cedric O. White, the CEO and Chairman, is the visionary founder of AgilePerformance & Talent. Following an illustrious career in the Armed Forces, he seamlessly transitioned his remarkable skills to contribute to both the public and private sectors, focusing on nurturing a dynamic generation of leaders, and optimal performing organizations.

With a profound understanding of the challenges associated with Talent and leader development, Talent Acquisition structure, recruiting priorities and employee retention, Mr. White, utilizes his Executive Level Leadership experience and expertise to lead his team to provide highly effective programs that teach, coach, mentor, and deliver results.